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God Is

The review section of the workbook, lessons 51 to 59, is one of my favourite parts!

The last two lessons, 58 and 59, are a poetic crescendo to that acceptance of ourselves as the Son of God…..

However, in my work as a spiritual counsellor, and in my personal journey, I have discovered that we all have misperceptions of what we think God is. And so it occurs to me that these lessons might not go down so well if we have not examined how we really feel about God.

The stories about God, as created by the religions of the world, often pictures aspects of God as jealous, vengeful, angry, judging….. but these are but giant shadow puppets of the ego, writ large across the sky of our mind.  These images go so deep, that we don’t realise we have them. We may have ideas that we are being tested in some way; that life is a series of trials, that if we don’t pass, we’ll end up with some kind of punishment. For example, the loss of a loved one, disease, imprisonment on some level, death. Lurking inside us, we might discover the uneasy feeling, “if you really knew me, then you would find I’m flawed, you wouldn’t really like me”.

Even the word, God, is often unacceptable to many modern spiritual people, because of the undigested connotations of what we think God is.

I am reminded of the moment that Helen Schucman, (author of A Course in Miracles) was offered a choice in a dream, where she found herself in a cave, looking at a scroll. A voice told her that everything she wanted to know about the past was rolled up on one side, and on the other, everything she wanted to  know about the future. But in the middle, the scroll was open, just with the words “God Is”. Helen thought for a moment, and said, “I just want what God Is”. From that moment on, her life changed.

We can read the beginning of each of the thoughts in lessons 58 and 59, like a lovely mantra:-

God goes with me,

God is my strength,

God is my source,

God is the light,

God is the mind,

God is the love,

God is the strength…

say these words to yourself, and feel yourself cloaked in strength, certainty, and blessing.

There is nothing to fear.

God’s Voice speaks to me.

I am sustained by the Love of God.

With gratitude and love to you all who are joining with me by reading my blog, and apologies for the gap in writing! The photo above is a Ganesha statue, in an alcove of an outside wall of someone’s house in Tiruvannamalai, Southern India.

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